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On October 17, 2019, the San Antonio City Council voted 10-1 in favor of a climate plan intended to drive the City’s climate pollution to zero by 2050 and better prepare residents for the extreme weather accelerated by global warming. The result caps a two-year campaign of the Climate Action SA coalition and our dozen of member organizations.

Passage of the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (PDF), resisted by local and state oil and gas interests, among others, makes San Antonio the second city in the state after Austin (also driving to 2050) to adopt a climate plan. Houston and Dallas are queuing up to be next.

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We are a coalition of committed individuals and organizations dedicated to building strong thriving communities in the face of the growing dangers of global climate change. We insist on a rapid and just transition away from hazardous fossil fuels and toward a city driven by clean energy and the sustainable economy it could bring. Alongside our friends and neighbors in San Antonio, we will help our communities, grassroots movements, nonprofits, and governmental agencies prepare for a more uncertain future by creating deeper relationships built upon the values of equality, justice, and peace. / Somos una coalición de personas y organizaciones comprometidas dedicadas a construir comunidades fuertes y prósperas frente a los crecientes peligros del cambio climático global. Insistimos en una transición rápida y justa alejandose de los peligrosos fósiles peligrosos hacia una ciudad impulsada por la energía limpia y la economía sostenible que podría aportar. Junto a nuestros amigos y vecinos en San Antonio, ayudaremos a nuestras comunidades, movimientos de base, organizaciones sin fines de lucro y agencias gubernamentales a prepararse para un futuro más incierto creando relaciones más profundas basadas en los valores de igualdad, justicia y paz.

To read our key commitments and learn how to join our effort, see Who We Are. / Para leer nuestros compromisos clave y aprender cómo unirse a nuestro esfuerzo, consulte nuestra página Quienes Somos (y haga clic en el botón “Select Language” en la parte superior derecha).


It's simple. San Antonio needs climate action because we love our families, each other, and our city.