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2) Tell CPS it is not OK to burn coal into 2042 (and beyond?)

3) Take five minutes to write or call Mayor Ron Nirenberg to express your desire for a powerful, justice-driven, and effective climate action plan for San Antonio. A template is provided below, if it is helpful in organizing your thoughts.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg
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Dear Honorable Mayor,

Thank you for putting our city on course to create and adopt its first climate action and adaptation plan. With the acceleration of destructive weather caused by polluting human industry, San Antonio must prepare for much more challenging years ahead and eliminate our homegrown greenhouse pollution.

As you know, there are many political threats ahead capable of derailing our climate action work.

CPS Energy should not be allowed to tell us how soon we can shut down our dangerous coal plants. We must tell them what is necessary. Neither can we tolerate a gradual roll out of solar systems. We must challenge ourselves by prioritizing a rapid build out of decentralized solar across the entire city.

We also can’t allow developers to hijack the growing density and mass transportation development into a “greenwash” that prices out our friends and neighbors. That is not climate justice. Rather, we must listen to our communities about their hopes and needs for a better life. And then we must work with them to help build it.

Just as climate change is growing threat to the people and economy of San Antonio, it also represents an opportunity for our city to become a world leader in renewable technology and just and sustainable development.

As a supporter of Climate Action SA, I am committed to making sure SA Climate Ready is a success that speaks to the real interests and needs of all San Antonians.



Let your council representative know.

District One: Roberto C. Treviño
District Two: William “Cruz” Shaw
District Three: Rebecca J. Viagran
District Four: Rey Saldaña
District Five: Shirley Gonzales
District Six: Greg Brockhouse
District Seven: Ana Sandoval
District Eight: Manny Palaez
District Nine: John Courage
District Ten: Clayton Perry

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