Videos: CAAP Committee Meetings

Video of Steering Committee and Technical Working Group Meetings Climate Equity Working Group Steering Committee Solid Waste Technical Working Group Energy & Buildings Technical Working Group Water & Natural Resources Technical Working Group Transportation and Land Use Technical Working Group Roster of committee members (PDF).

Reports, Webinars & Resources

Reports and Studies ‘Advancing Energy Justice in San Antonio Through Household Energy Policies’ Prepared for Climate Action SA by Tim Barr, public health specialist. This report marshals research and examples from across the United States to illuminate energy insecurityin San Antonio. In describing the challenges and opportunities of various policy approaches, the goal is tofacilitate … More Reports, Webinars & Resources

Housing Justice

What do housing rights have to do with climate justice? Jessica Guerrero, founding member of Vecinos de Mission Trails, breaks it down for members of Climate Action SA, a coalition of committed individuals and organizations dedicated to building strong thriving communities in the face of the growing dangers of global climate change. … More Housing Justice

Just Transportation

Just Transportation for All Bill Barker, AICP February 3, 2018 In 2000, Dr. Robert Bullard spoke here in San Antonio at a luncheon that was one in a series sponsored VIA Metropolitan Transit intended to highlight issues in transportation. Dr. Bullard, who is called the “Father of Environmental Justice”, is a prolific author and, a … More Just Transportation

Why ‘Paris’ Matters

Last year, San Antonio joined hundreds of communities around the country determined to improve the health and security of our families by supporting the values given expression in the Paris climate agreement (signed by every nation on earth, but one: our own). Just like the Paris agreement, we are about much more than reduction greenhouse … More Why ‘Paris’ Matters

Renewable Energy

Coal, oil, and natural gas poison our land and air and change our climate. In San Antonio, outdated fossil fuels emit nitrogen oxides that produce ozone pollution in excess of federal air quality standards along with climate altering greenhouse gases. Ozone and air pollutants are toxic to breath, causing asthma and respiratory illness in the most vulnerable members of our population. … More Renewable Energy

Just Community

Climate change—and the political attempts to address the challenges it poses—intersects with virtually all traditional struggles for equality and justice. It is not only about the parts per million greenhouse pollution in the atmosphere, or how many gigawatts of solar power we can produce, but the impacts it poses in the daily lives of those we love here at home. … More Just Community