Coal Free San Antonio

Coal-fired power plants are a leading contributor of the carbon pollution causing dangerous disruption of the earth’s climate system. Their emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and soot are leading contributors to our high asthma rates impacting our children and shorten the lives of our elders. They also blanket our area with toxics like lead … More Coal Free San Antonio

Renewable Energy

Coal, oil, and natural gas poison our land and air and change our climate. In San Antonio, outdated fossil fuels emit nitrogen oxides that produce ozone pollution in excess of federal air quality standards along with climate altering greenhouse gases. Ozone and air pollutants are toxic to breath, causing asthma and respiratory illness in the most vulnerable members of our population. … More Renewable Energy

Just Community

Climate change—and the political attempts to address the challenges it poses—intersects with virtually all traditional struggles for equality and justice. It is not only about the parts per million greenhouse pollution in the atmosphere, or how many gigawatts of solar power we can produce, but the impacts it poses in the daily lives of those we love here at home. … More Just Community